How to Work From Home
and Get Stuff Done

An ever-increasing number of contractors and full-time employees are working from home — or daydreaming about working from home.

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Create Some Space

Designate a workspace at home for those late nights. This can be anywhere you have access to a flat surface and adequate lighting that allows you to concentrate — a desk, your kitchen table, a reading chair, just not your bed! This helps your mind and body understand when you’re in working mode and allows you to more effectively transition to “home” mode when you’re done. READ MORE


Stay Focused on Work

In addition to your workload, you probably also have a to-do list that includes going grocery shopping, washing the dishes, and doing laundry. And it’s probably making you sweat just thinking about how you’ll manage to get everything done. My advice: Compartmentalize. Prioritize the urgent to-do (your work project), and let yourself off the hook with the others. roommate or spouse to take care of the dishes tonight in


Quit Multitasking

On a similar note, don’t try to fit in the fun stuff on an evening or weekend when you need to be working. If you’re trying to squeeze in writing a blog post during the commercial breaks of American Idol, chances are it won’t be that good, and you’ll end up spending more time on revising it later. Either commit to taking a break from work for some fun or getting everything done now so that you can enjoy yourself fully later.


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